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After 10 years of running my own design studio, I've joined forces with the creative team at Made By Frame.

There’s strength in numbers and together we're a super group of multi-disciplinary specialists in design, web, video and development. As a team we can solve more problems, provide more creative solutions and, in general, we can serve you better!

My own business was built on on a foundation of unwavering customer service and long-lasting relationships and, at Made By Frame, these values will continue to be front and centre. Nothing’s changed. My new partners at Made By Frame hold the same values as I do, which is why this was such an easy decision to make.

I'm excited to continue relationships with all of my amazing current clients and I'm looking forward to all the new connections to come!

Cheers to our future success ... together we are better!

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Mark Elliotson, Creative Director

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